Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Olympics, a history of the modern games By Allen Guttmann

Politics has always been an integral part of the Olympics--not an occasional intruder in the form of a boycott, protest, or act of terrorism. In this probing social history, distinguished by a lively mix of journalism and scholarship, Allen Guttmann discusses the intended and actual meaning of the modern Olympic Games, from 1896 to 2000. Recounting the memorable and significant athletic events of the Olympics in terms of their social and political impact, Guttmann demonstrates that the modern games were revived to propagate a political message and continue to serve political purposes. This second edition of Guttmann's critically acclaimed history includes coverage of the controversial tenure of Juan Antonio Samaranch as president of the International Olympic Committee, a period tainted by rising drug use among athletes and scandals accompanying the awarding of sites and marked by the debut of openly professional athletes and the significantly increased role of female athletes.

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The Olympics, a history of the modern games
By Allen Guttmann
Edition: 2, illustrated
Published by University of Illinois Press, 2002
ISBN 0252070461, 9780252070464
214 pages