Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Straits Times Thomas Cup Souvenir 

The 2010 Thomas Cup and Uber Cup finals ended on 16th May 2010, with the men's team of China and the women's team of Korea winning the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup respectively. Malaysia's Thomas Cup team lost the semi-final against China, while the women's Uber Cup team was defeated by Indonesian team in the quarter-final.

51 years earlier, the 1st Thomas Cup Final was played on February 25th and 26th 1949 at Preston, England, between Malaya and Denmark, which Malaya won by 8 matches to 1.

Thanks to Mr. Chris Syer, a member of the OCM Media Committee, OCM obtained a copy of "The Straits Times Thomas Cup Souvenir - An illustrated record of the visit of the successful Malayan Badminton Team to Europe in 1948/49". OCM believes that the Mr. Chris Syer's copy is one of a few copies of the souvenir left in Malaysia.

OCM has produced a soft-copy of the souvenir which is posted in the OCM Website for the public to read and view.

Download: The STRAITS TIMES THOMAS CUP Souvenir - Malayan Badminton Team 1948-49