Thursday, 17 February 2011

Online Book Highlights - Sports injuries: self-diagnosis and rehabilitation of common aches and pains

You've pulled a muscle: Do you ice it or soak it in a hot bath?
You're healing after a bad sprain: Do you take it easy or push to stay in shape?
You've got the beginnings of a cold: Do you cancel your workload or head to the gym?

Anyone who exercises or participates in sport at some time or other may get injured. Sports Injuries provides an indispensable self-help guide to all the common injuries that occur.

This book will help to: * quickly pinpoint the source of the injury * know which conditions you can treat yourself and when to visit an expert * stay fit and flexible during recovery * encourage your body to heal faster Easy-to-follow illustrations help you to locate the area of pain quickly then guide you through a range of simple self-diagnostic tests and medical options. Once the problem and course of care are determined, unique fitness ladders tell you what you can do to stay mobile and how to avoid further injury.

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