Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Literature Review - Participant Development in Sport: An Academic Review - 2010, April

Participant Development in Sport: An Academic Review, Bailey R, Collins D, Ford P, MacNamara A, Toms M & Pearce G, 2010, April

Participant development is a central aspect of any sports development framework as it is concerned with the activities experienced, the pathways followed and the obstacles encountered by players during their sporting and/or physical activity careers.
This review seeks to identify the main findings/principles associated with participant development, the methods used to generate this information, and the strengths and weaknesses of the supporting research.  Areas covered include:
  • Underpinning philosophy
  • Models of participant development
  • The biological domain
  • The psychological domain
  • The Social Domain
The review also contains a summary of findings, suggested ways forward and recommendations.

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Source: The project was conceived by sports coach UK, and funded by sports coach UK and Sport Northern Ireland.