Monday, 11 July 2011

Sports Educational Video on YouTube

Let's explore some selected educational video... here what's we found on You Tube...

Baseball Medicine

Japanese Professional Baseball Baseball Training Academy

Sports Performance Training

Initial Post-Operative Day 1 Shoulder Home Program

Post-Operative Knee Brace Instruction

Post-Operative Shoulder Sling Instruction

Functional Movement Screen

Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Proprioception Training

Lumbar Spine Training Basic Local Muscles

Anti-Rotation Core Exercises

Upper Extremity Foam Roll Self Myofascial Release

Lower Extremity Foam Roll Self Myofascial Release

Engaging the Core with Pitcher Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

Thoracic Mobility Exercises

Transverse Plane Core Rotation Strengthening

Posterior Chain Strengthening

Baseball Pitcher Lower Extremity Neuromuscular Control Drills

Speed Ladder Functional Agility Program

Ultimate Core Training

Pitching Biomechanical Analysis