Friday, 3 February 2012

BWF Coach Level 1 resources!

Coaches are important in any sports system and coach education is an important area the BWF is focusing on. In November 2011, the BWF completed the first in a series of resources to help badminton coaches and coach education.
The BWF Coach Level 1 resources for new and practicing coaches are available FREE online.

This resource is currently available in English, however this will soon be available in Spanish and French.

These Coach Education resources will form part of the BWF Coach Education Framework.

The Coach Level 1 resources provide coaches with the fundamental knowledge and skills to coach badminton:
  • WHAT to coach (technical / physical / tactical elements);
  • HOW to coach (coaching principles / coaching styles / coaching methodology / planning / evaluation).

The BWF Level 1 Coach Education resources consist of the following:
  • Coaches Manual (learners manual) divided into 12 modules – the main learning resources for trainee coaches;
  • Video Clips – a comprehensive range of video clips demonstrating fundamental physical, technical and tactical elements of badminton. These can be viewed online.

Please note this manual has been developed as part of the BWF certified level 1 coach award. Your national governing body will be able to inform you if level 1 courses are available in your region.

This resource will form part of the BWF coaching framework which will eventually consist of 4 levels. Level 2 is due for release in June 2012. Details will be posted on the website.

Video clips which support this manual are available through a link on the development page of the BWF website.