Friday, 23 May 2014

Dr Grant Abt appointed Social Media Editor for Journal of Sports Sciences

Dr Grant Abt (@grantabt) was appointed as Social Media Editor for Journal of Sports Sciences (@JSportsSci

Dr Abt was appointed following a discussion at an Editorial Board meeting about taking journal content into new directions, enhancing its visibility to the public and engaging with new audiences about it, in new ways.

The role of Social Media Editor is a new position for Taylor & Francis Journals and Dr Abt was the first to take on this kind of role. His novel ideas, such as “Twinterviews”, have meant that he has helped to shape and develop this role.

The role does not necessarily require the person to set up a range of social media accounts, it requires them to pick the right one for their journal and to use it effectively for that subject area. Twitter was perfect for JSS due to its existing exposure via @tandfsport and the large sport science following on Twitter looking for cutting edge research and conversations to join that will ultimately enhance their own work.

Dr Abt’s work in this area has not only meant the journal has reached new groups and new people, but has also created a new forum for sport and exercise scientists, and for anyone with a more general interest in sport science to talk about the latest issues and topics in the field.

More information about the role is available on the Taylor and Francis website.