Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Glory Game
by Gifford, Frank
ISBN: 9780061716614
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books
Year: 11-2008
In 1958 Frank Gifford was the golden boy on the glamour team in the most celebrated city in the NFL...
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Gridiron Gladiators (Portable Document Format (PDF)) - eBook edition
by batella, fausto

From 1920 to 1949, 473 Italian-Americans athletes play in college, semipro and pro football teams, men who get resul...

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Karate the Japanese Way (Adobe Reader) - eBook edition
by Groenewold, Mark Adrian
Karate the Japanese Way is a text for beginners to Karate, a guide for parents and a window into martial arts training i...

Politics of Sports Development (Adobe Reader) - eBook edition
by Houlihan, Barrie
This important new text traces the evolution of sports development in the UK within the context of broader shifts in spo...

DREAM REAL (Portable Document Format (PDF)) - eBook edition
by Napoleon, Eugene W
"Eugene Napoleon is a study in contradiction. His childhood was not an easy one because he grew up in a tough neighborho...

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How to Run a Personal Record (Mobipocket) - eBook edition
Training tips for record-breaking distance running from the author of 4 Months to a 4-Hour Marathon.The only running boo...

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Out of Bounds (Adobe Reader) - eBook edition
by Benedict, Jeff

Out of Bounds: Inside the NBA's Culture of Rape, Violence, and Crime is a searing indictment of profess...

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ETHICS & SPORT - eBook edition

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VALUES IN SPORT (Microsoft Reader Desktop) - eBook edition
by Tamburrini, Claudio M.
This book provides the reader with a deep insight into the moral and ethical value we place on sport in today's society....

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Gearheads (Mobipocket) - eBook edition
by Stone, Brad
In the early nineties, a visionary special-effects guru named Marc Thorpe conjured a field of dreams different from any ...

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ETHICS & SPORT (Adobe Reader) - eBook edition
The issues surrounding ethical controversies in sport have filled the media recently. This book of invited original essa...

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Little Leagues Drills & Strategies (Mobipocket) - eBook edition
by McIntosh, Ned
Expert advice and innovative drills to propel your team to success. Endorsed by Little League Baseball and a favorite a...

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The Worst Call Ever! (Adobe Reader) - eBook edition
by Garlett, Kyle

In any sport, whenever an official takes the field, court, ice, ring, or pitch, they do so with a...

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Match, The (Microsoft Reader Desktop) - eBook edition
by Frost, Mark

Eddie Lowery left his first imprint on the game of golf in 1913 as the 10-year-old caddie to underdog U.S. Open ch...

The Bald Truth (Mobipocket) - eBook edition
by Falk, David
Superagent David Falk -- the man who called the shots for some of the greatest heroes in the history of basketball -- re...

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Follow the Roar (Adobe Reader) - eBook edition
by Smiley, Bob

With his career at a standstill and his golf game a shadow of its former mediocrity, TV writer and co...

BoatWorks (Mobipocket) - eBook edition
by Magazine, SAIL
Expert guidance for the hands-on sailor--whether you're varnishing a handrail or replacing bulkheads With contributions ...

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The Girls of Summer (Mobipocket) - eBook edition
by Longman, Jere

Now with a new afterword, The Girls of Summer, by the award-winning New York Times sportswriter...

Backyard Brawl: Inside the Blood Feud Between Texas and Texas A&M (Mobipocket) - eBook edition
by Stratton, W.K.
It happens once a year, creating a seismic divide throughout the country. It pits brother against brother. It breaks up ...

A Step-by-Step Guide to SPSS for Sport and Exercise Studies (Adobe Reader) - eBook edition
by Ntoumanis, Nikos

A Step-by-Step Guide to SPSS for Sport and Exercise Studies offers appropriate advice and an...

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Joe and Me (Adobe Reader) - eBook edition
by Prosek, James

When James Prosek was just fifteen, a ranger named Joe Haines caught him fishing without a permit in a stream n...

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Follow the Roar (Mobipocket) - eBook edition
by Smiley, Bob
With his career at a standstill and his golf game a shadow of its former mediocrity, TV writer and contributor ...

Wooden Boats (Mobipocket) - eBook edition
There are fewer than 10,000 wooden boats in America, but the circulation of WoodenBoat magazine exceeds 180,000. What is...