Monday, 3 August 2009

Olympic Capital Quarterly Newsletter

An International Sports Management Update from the
City of Lausanne and the State of Vaud
Current Issu
e : July, 2009

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Previous issues / numéros précédents

April 2009 - Volume 4 - Nbr 2

Trends to Track - The economic crisis : an opportunity for sport ?
In the Manager’s seat : "We need to mobilise our federations' army of fans"
From the Seminar Room : Selling your sport by telling a story
MSI Lausanne : The Olympic Capital continues to grow - be a part of it !

January 2009 - Volume 4 - Nbr 1

Trends to Track - Establishing a frame for the "new" sports organisation
In the Manager’s seat : Building bridges between Europe and America
From the Seminar Room : Trends in sports recruitment