Thursday, 26 May 2011

E - Books Highlights ( Research in Sports )

Michael Kjaer - 2003 - 808 pages - Preview
The book will also serve as an excellent introduction to research in the field of sports medicine. This major new work has been written to meet the needs of doctors and other health professionals treating and caring for athletes.
Evert Verhagen, Willem Van Mechelen - 2010 - 288 pages - Preview
"With the increasing focus on tackling obesity and other lifestyle-related illnesses and conditions, participation in sports and physical activity is growing.
John Fizel, Elizabeth Gustafson, Lawrence Hadley - 1999 - 246 pages - Preview
Extends previous research in sports economics and provides a valuable resource for professional economists working on sports economics topics.
Craig A. Williams, Chris Wragg - 2004 - 136 pages - No preview
Quantitative research methods and data analysis are key components of sport, exercise, and health science degree studies.
Peter O'Donoghue - 2010 - 278 pages - Preview
They are an important tool for any serious practitioner in sport and, as a result, performance analysis has become a key component of degree programmes in sport science and sports coaching.Research Methods for Sports Performance Analysis ...


John Fizel - 2006 - 280 pages - Preview
Covering both team and individual sports that include tennis, golf, and motor racing, this handbook explores what we know, what we do not know, what is stable, what is changing, what is certain, and what is controversial in sports economics ...



Current research in sports sciences: an international perspective

V. A. Rogozkin, Ron J. Maughan - 1996 - 346 pages - Preview
There are many indications that these factors are determined by the influences of genetical origin, or at least they are formed early enough Current Research in Sports Sciences, edited by Rogozkin and Maughan. Plenum Press.

Youlian Hong - 2002 - 332 pages - Preview
This edited collection presents cutting-edge research material on sports biomechanics from some of the leading international academics in the field.
Chris Gratton, Ian Jones - 2010 - 304 pages - Preview
The book offers the reader a step-by-step guide to the research process, from designing a research project, to collecting and analyzing data, to reporting the research, and is richly illustrated throughout with sport-related case-studies ...
Janet L. Starkes, Karl Anders Ericsson - 2003 - 469 pages - Preview
He is a former international-level wrestler and world-renowned coach in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, and he has coached both male and female athletes from the high school level to the Olympic team.This is a must-have reference that ...