Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New Arrivals @ SIC - The Encyclopedia of Malaysia : Sports and recreation

This volume explores the wealth and diversity of sports and recreation in Malaysia. The entire breadth of Malaysian games and pastimes is covered, encompassing everything from congkak to football to Formula One racing.

The volume commences with an overview of the incredible array of traditional games and pastimes in Malaysia. The recreational activities of the various ethnic groups of the country are examined, with special emphasis on widely popular traditional pastimes such as top spinning, kite flying, bird singing and silat.

There follows an in-depth exploration of the multitude of competitive sports and modern recreational activities in the country. The history of each sport and activity is chronicled, focusing on its introduction to Malaysia and the key individuals and events that have shaped its evolution. Over 70 different topics—comprising team sports, racquet sports, precision sports, athletics, equine sports, water sports, contact sports, adventure and extreme sports, strength and movement sports, paralympic sports and mind games—are featured.

The volume concludes with a discussion of the development of sports institutions and infrastructure in Malaysia, highlighting prominent sports leaders and major sporting events organized in the country.

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Volume 1: The Environment
Volume 2: Plants
Volume 3: Animals
Volume 4: Early History
Volume 5: Architecture
Volume 6: The Seas
Volume 7: Early Modern History
Volume 8: Performing Arts
Volume 9: Languages and Literature
Volume 10: Religions and Beliefs
Volume 11: Government and Politics
Volume 12: Peoples and Traditions
Volume 13: The Economy
Volume 14: Crafts and the Visual Arts
Volume 15: Sports and Recreation
Volume 16: The Malay Sultanates