Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sports & Social Media - How Facebook Can Help Market Your Sports

Facebook LikeAccording to Facebook statistics, more than 800 million users have an active account. Facebook has taken social media interaction to a new level of communication. It provides an outlet to market your sports for FREE, interact with your athletes or fans, and share valuable information. Below, I will share why creating a page will help your sports, the benefits, and what steps to take next.

If you don’t have a  page set up in Facebook yet, take into consideration all the benefits you can receive from having your sports page.
  • Fans can “like” your page, allowing them to follow the activities and receive any updates that you post.
  • Every time someone “likes” your page, all their friends see that they “like” your sports. This leads to easy promotion that attracts other followers to your  Page.
  • Your Facebook sports page will allow you to share information like latest news, programs, special events, online resources, and updates. You can also post photos, videos, and applications.
  • Anything you post on your sports page is then sent into the “feeds” of your followers so they can always catch an update.

Here are some great perks of having a Sports Facebook page.
  • You can share information for free. This is a good way to market the sports at NO COST!
  • Fans can communicate with each other through the sports page, share thoughts about a news, or any updates and current issues.
  • Customer Service – you can answer fans questions and  promote your sports events and get feedback.
  • Get Feedback: ask fans what they are interest or  what kind of activites they like (the more discussion, the more interaction, the better the results)!

If you have a sports page and you are looking to reinvigorate your pages activity, think about a few of these ideas.
  • Add a Social Media button to your website and blog.
  • If you have a mailing list, send out an announcement to “like” your Facebook page.
  • Add a Facebook link to your email signature (easy promotion every time you send an email).
  • Link your blog or twitter account to your Facebook page (this is an easy way to share information in multiple locations).
  • Post on your Facebook page “Help Us Get to 200 Likes” Set the goal to a higher number than what you have. Current members will share with friends, family, and businesses.
  • Post pictures from classes in the library or reading club. Make sure to tag and share them, with the patrons permission, then their friends who don’t know about your page will “Like” your page.
  • Place a link to your Facebook page on your other social media sites.
  • Add a “welcome” or landing page for new users.

Take a look at some of these pages. It will help you get an idea of what Facebook can do for your Sports!

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