Tuesday, 18 June 2013

International Olympic Day - June 23

Join the hundreds of thousands of people around the world on June 23 to celebrate Olympic Day! Olympic Day is not only a celebration, but an international effort to promote fitness and well-being in sport for everyone across the globe regardless of their age, gender or athletic ability.

Due to WWII, the Olympic Games had not been held in 1940 or 1944 so the city of London rose to host the XIV Games after the war. 

In January 1948, the International Olympic Committee, (mainly due to the efforts of Pierre de Coubertin), approved the idea of Olympic Day as a sort of “birthday” of the Olympic Movement
Celebrated annually to commemorate the birth of the modern Olympic Games at the Sorbonne in Paris, Olympic Day was originally held on June 23, 1948 with a total of 9 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) hosting ceremonies in their respective countries.

 This day is meant to inspire people to adopt and apply the Olympic Values (excellence, fun, fairness, respect, personal growth, leadership and peace).

This is an opportunity to launch a "call to action" to every Malaysian to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.  This is also a great time to thank the many volunteers who are instrumental in promoting healthy lifestyles and the Olympic Values.  
For more information about this year celebration find out here: http://www.olympic.org.my/web/