Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sports Info just one click away!

Online Database - SPORTDiscus & Rehabilitation Reference Center™ (RRC) now available @ SIC!

Pleased to announce that, (Cawangan Pusat Maklumat Sukan) has subscribed with SPORTDiscus - Full Text & Rehabilitation Reference Center™ (RRC).

Researching a sports topic? SPORTDiscus is the most comprehensive, bibliographic database covering sport, physical fitness, exercise, sports medicine, sports science, physical education, kinesiology, coaching, training, sport administration, officiating, sport law & legislation, college & university sport, disabled persons, facility design & management, intramural & school sport, doping, drugs, health, health education, biomechanics, movement science, injury prevention rehabilitation, physical therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition, exercise physiology, sport & exercise psychology, recreation, leisure studies, tourism, allied health, occupational health & therapy, public health and more. 
With full bibliographic coverage, this database includes over 750,000 records with journal and monograph coverage going back to 1800; over 20,000 dissertations and theses and reference to articles in 60 different languages. The content also consists of international references from journal and magazine articles, books, book chapters, conference proceedings and more.
SportDiscus content include: 
  1. Full text for more than 530 journals.
  2. Full text coverage dating back to 1985.
  3. Books
  4. Books Chapters
  5. Conference Proceedings
  6. Journal & Magazine Articles.

Rehabilitation Reference Center™ (RRC) is an evidence-based clinical reference tool for use by rehabilitation clinicians at the point-of-care. RRC provides therapists and doctors with the best available evidence for their information needs in the areas of:
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • And more...
RRC is designed to deliver current valid and relevant information at the point-of-care so that rehabilitation specialists can build customized treatment regimens for patients, using the best available evidence. Content in RRC includes nearly 550 Clinical Reviews, more than 150 research instruments, information from AHFS on over 11,700 drugs and their manufacturers, more than 9,800 exercise images, key reference handbooks, guidelines from the National Guideline Clearinghouse, more than 1,500 relevant patient education topics in both English & Spanish, and news and clinical updates.
In addition to the Rehabilitation Reference Center database, the following databases can be searched from the RRC interface: all versions of CINAHL, SPORTDiscus, MEDLINE, and Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source.

The following hints will help you refine your search results to retrieve the most relevant sports information:
  • Start with a broad search and browse results to  locate and display a significant article.   Next, select Find Similar Results from the blue side bar to search for and display additional useful articles.
  • Review the subject and keyword terms displayed on key article abstracts.  Use these terms to refine your original search and make it more effective.
  • Read the references listed at the end of relevant articles.  These are the sources the author has used to research and write the article, and you may find valuable material for your own research.
  • Every user can have their own MyEBSCOhost folder, which is a permanent place to store articles and other content 
  • Search Alerts and Journal Alerts can alert users by email about new content on your databases 
  • A range of User guides, Help Sheets and Tutorials are available at: http://support.ebscohost.com/training 
 To access the database, please contact (Pn. Halimatun - Pusat Maklumat Sukan. ext:9681)